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Travomania is an Indian travel blog, sharing informative articles about amazing places to travel in India, budget travel tips, and reviews. Also, Travomania is one of the leading travel groups arranging trekking expedition and holiday packages. Travomania wanderers will help you to make your trip safely and budget-friendly.

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Hi, I am Amol Sonawane, a travel blogger living in a small city of Maharashtra Dhule. I am passionate about exploring new places, cultures, and cuisines. Travo means another form of travel bravo. If someone will do bravo things in travel we call it travo and mania means madness. So Travomania means the madness about to do bravo things in travel. This is how I formed Travomania. Every traveler has different and unique travo stories, Travomania is the platform for those who want to share their travo experiences with the world.

I have been working as a Digital Marketer for the past 5+ years and after five years of experience, I started a digital marketing agency in Dhule called SEO Hikers. This is the best thing about my profession is I can work and travel together. When I am not traveling, I spend my weekends exploring and finding new hiking trails.

I started solo traveling from 2016 which was the solo road trip to Goa. Before this solo travel trip, I was in a hectic schedule. I thought let’s start traveling solo with my backpack. And the next day I landed in Goa. It was a hilarious journey ever because I made lots of plans in just one hour and started my journey towards Goa. It was an awesome trip and enjoyed it a lot. Since then, I’ve been to lots of places, and I plan on more!

My favorite place to visit so far has been Manali. Absolutely I loved the mountains, the curvy roads, fresh freezing cold air, and the people in Manali are good and friendly. I fell in Love with Himachal Pradesh.

I started Travomania to share my travel backpacking stories with you and to know the travel experiences of fellow travelers. We accepting permanent guest blogging on a travel niche. Contact us to know more about it.

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