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Love You Fiordland! a Night at Lake Marian

Prior to this year, I got to know that my New Zealand summertime was rapidly sneaking away like sand granules through my fingers. The days were vanishing in front of me, they were getting shorter, and sooner rather than later I’d be back on another trip to Ireland. I’d been on a number of heart-pounding adventures before such as Wanaka’s paragliding trips, stunning Christmas evening in the Marlborough Sounds, climbs around South Island’s Queenstown – yet I’d not get any chance for an overnight. I got out of my New Zealand geography and began searching for a feasible short-term experience that I could do with Laura. We were thinking about planning something forbest tour packagessomewhere close to my home, something similar to the overnight up to Earnslaw Burn. Anyways it’s been a very long time since I did any adventurous activities in Fiordland (outside of traveling to New Zealand’s Milford Sound), I set my eyes toward that path. Around four years back, I went to the amazing day hike up to rocky alpine terrains of Gertrude Saddle. Around then, we expedited the whole night in the Homer Hut that is located in Fiordland National Park, Southland, and trekked up to Gertrude Saddle […]

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Trek to Everest Base Camp: Make Your Dream Come True…

You are a passionate trekker, you love the mountains… and you have always dreamed of seeing the roof of the world? But your dream just hasn’t come true, yet? This short article may help you set the course for an unforgettable adventure in the Himalayas of Nepal.  If this is your first trip to Nepal and you are not sure which trek is suitable for you, you may want to consider the trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC), following the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay who reached the summit of Mount Everest (8.848 m) for the first time in 1953. The Everest Base Camp awaits you with a close-up view of the world’s highest mountain, or you can even hike up to Kala Patthar and enjoy a breathtaking sunrise from there.  But your journey is just as spectacular as your destination: Your 15- to 20-day itinerary starts with a domestic flight to Lukla and takes you through stunning sceneries from Phakding to Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche and Gorakhshep. Discover scenic villages, the unique Sherpa culture, the flora and fauna of the Sagarmatha National Park, an ancient trading route between Nepal and Tibet, beautiful monasteries and thrilling suspension […]

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Hampi – The Land of Mythology, History, and Anthropology

There is really something miraculous about Hampi that I just can’t describe. If you want to know Hampi, stays in Hampi. The Hampi is not only a travel place you can explore its beauty but also its the place you must experience again and again. Living in an urban area can’t feel fulfilling all the time we must need to go out and explore the magnificent beauty of nature. And the traveling places have everything that keeps me motivated every time. But I have already been there lots of times and now I wanted to explore some places I never explored. This is the month of November and I whole year I spent in my home due to lockdown. During this period I tried to explore places nearby my place. I am a solo traveler and I like to explore places solo with my backpack. I like backpacking, explore beautiful places, know about the diverse culture, and try and learn different cuisines. That always makes me inspire to write my travel blog. The state of Karnataka has lots of amazing places that are ideal for solo traveling and backpacking like Gokarna, Udupi, Dandeli, Mysore, Chikmagalur, and Hampi. Hampi the land of mythology and its history. […]

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4 Best Places to Visit in Kerala Ideal for Family Tour

I have been visited Kerala in 2016 and I am writing about our family trip to Kerala. It was a month of November and we came to Kerala with family. With my two sisters and my father and mother, it was a family trip. Travel plan, selection of places, train booking, hotel booking. Etc, everything designed by my elder sister. She made a list of amazing places to visit in Kerala. We did our trip according to that bucket list. It was a fantastic experience to travel without booking any travel package. We made a bucket list of places and desired to explore it. To travel from Maharashtra to Kerala by train is a long journey. The scenic views from the train window will never feel tired. Our family trip to Kerala was a budget trip. To do a budget trip is difficult in a family trip. We reduced some expenses by preferring local transport. This is a convenient option to reduce expenses. Local buses made our journey so breathtaking and mesmerizing. Especially we used a KSRTC bus to travel from Munnar to Kochi it was a breathtaking journey. What Are 4 Best Places to Visit in Kerala Ideal for Family Tour? Kerala is […]

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How to Do Prashar Lake Trek? Stargazing, Camping

Prashar Lake Trek located in the state of Himachal Pradesh is known for being the spectacular abode of some of the most excellent trekking routes in the country. One such picturesque treks lead you through the hills of the district of Mandi to arrive at the stunning oval-shaped lake set at a high altitude basin located at a height of about 9000 feet above sea level. The lake is a neighbour is a beautiful temple dedicated to the sage Prashar who used to meditate by this ancient lake, and after whom the lake was called Prashar Lake. From the vantage point where the lake is located, you can see as far as the Pass Rohtang, and mountains of Kinnaur and Shimla. And although the trek is just 7km one way, it is a tough and strenuous one. You can do activities like camping, photography, sightseeing, trekking, stargazing in the Parashar lake. Prashar Lake Trek – Kishna Camps Prashar Lake trek is organised by Kishna Camps. This company having experience of 20 years in organizing best trekking and camping in Himachal Pradesh. Also offering some adventure activities like Paragliding, river rafting. Kishna Camp is one of the popular trek organizers in Mandi. […]

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7 Best Trekking Places in Pune

If you’re the kind who would prefer to pick up a backpack and head out of the city on holidays and weekends. Maharashtra is an authentic paradise for you. This state has a varied terrain, which makes backpacking and trekking here one of the most enriching experiences you could come across. These top 7 trekker’s favourite places near Pune will make you fall in love with trekking and travelling, and give you the best travel experience. 7 Trekker’s Favourite Places  1. Malshej Ghat Malshej Ghat is one of the most popular mountain passes in the ranges of the western ghats. You can find Malshej ghat in between the route of Thane to Ahmadnagar. Malshej Ghat is nestled in the tall rugged hills of the Western Ghats. Malshej is the shelter of hundreds of distinct kinds of flora and fauna exceptionally the avian population such as Quails, Rails, Flamingos, Cuckoo, and Crakes. This is the most amazing thing about Malshej Ghat. Things to do: There are many trekking trails in the surrounding hills. For the nature lover, there are flowing waterfalls and the green verdure and fauna to be enjoyed, and bird lovers will be excited at the sight. Ideal place for wildlife photographers. Best time […]

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How to Start Solo Traveling? and Why?

Have you ever noticed that why people love traveling? what they achieve by doing the traveling. Some travelers are riding on the highest motorable pass in the world in extremely cold weather, a trekker trying to chase the peak of the mighty mountain, the youngest traveler is spending more one year to travel the world. What inspired them to do this? why they do this? if you don’t know the answer then you and I are the same. But I got an answer after I did my first solo trip and I realized why I must start solo traveling. Now no one can hold me back or stop me from traveling. Why Solo Traveling Is Important? Solo traveling makes me self sufficient, real survival, responsible, and confident person. When you traveling alone sometime you can go through difficulties, and whenever you leaned to fight with these problems you become more confident. In our life, we go through lots of stresses and issues sometimes you feel low or in depression. Apart from that solo traveling experience makes you sound and fearless. The result is whenever you face any big issue in your life you can adopt the situation easily. You become […]

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What Is Backpacking Travel? What Are the Best Backpacking Apps?

Are you a traveler or want to begin traveling? Are you browsing for a unique and interesting way to travel? Look at this interesting type of traveling and know about how it will work. Backpacking is not a general way of traveling this type is for dedicated hardcore travelers who having experience in traveling. You can try this unique travel type on your next trip. This interesting list of traveling queries will help you to do amazing travel adventure, with lots of fun and it will connect you with groups of fellow backpackers. I was planning to write about backpacking for a long time and finally, I am writing on this topic. The tips and Information given by Travomania are authenticated by experienced travelers. Travomania Wanderers are sitting together and discuss the particular blog topic and then we write a complete informative blog. Travomania is a group of travelers who experts in traveling, trekking, backpacking, and many more related to travel. Our motive is to give sound information about traveling and related topics to travel.  We constantly receive questions related to travel from our followers/subscribers on the social platform. Today I am going to write answers about some of the questions related […]

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How to Pack Your Bag for Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal a range of mighty mountains popular in the world. A hotspot for many mountaineers and trekkers and travel seekers. Lots of trekkers are visiting Himachal Pradesh every year for trekking. There are so many amazing treks in Himachal from beginner level to hard level. The climate on the mountain is changing every twenty minutes to thirty minutes. Sometimes it’s becoming tough to trek in Himachal because of the climate condition. And you need to step back to basecamp and wait for a good climate condition. To climb any peak in fluctuating climate condition can be the biggest risk. Consider Trek Duration and Which Region You Chose for Trekking in Himachal Pradesh To do the trek in Himachal Pradesh you need to be fit. So that you will be stable in every situation. Not only fitness but also backpacking is a vital part of trekking. If your backpack is packed well then its quite easy to carry it and you can do the trek comfortably. Your backpack depends on the type of trekking you chose, beginner level trek, moderate level trek or hard level trek. So you can carry the trek gear and essential things according to how many days […]

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Solo Travel Trip Experience to Goa and Became a Solo Traveler

Goa is a land of beaches, nightlife, architecture, and seafood, and all served up with the warm welcome and charm of the locals. That’s why goa is in the top holiday destinations in India. I feel goa is a dreamland of every Indian. If you are wondering about a stunning road trip in India, then Goa should be on your top of the list. My solo road trip in Goa took me from the multiple of adventure and happiness, and this is the reason I started solo traveling, here are details about how was my solo trip in Goa. Why I Chose Goa for My First Solo Trip? It’s been three years now I traveled to Goa. I want me to go somewhere with the solitude, which will heal me, and nothing comes better than stay away for some days from your daily routine. It was a Christmas time, and I was so happy because I got some holidays. I was wondering for travel alone and enjoy my vacation with me in a solitude. It can be a beach or a mountain vacation trip. Whatever it is I just want to take my self and going on holiday alone. I started searching […]