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Bandhavgarh National Park Travel Guide: Where to Stay and Wildlife

Have you ever heard a Tiger roar in the middle of the jungle? Or saw fresh printed claws on the road? If your answer is NO then this tour to bandhavgarh is going to excite you. 

The bandhavgarh national park is one of the most leading national parks in the subcontinent. The park is located in the Umaria district of Madhya pradesh state. But why bandhavgarh? Let me answer this very precisely, Bandhavgarh national park has a large and unique biodiversity. The park consists of various species such as leopards, numerous deer species, birds, butterflies, reptiles and of course the most famous Bengal Tiger. 

The national park has a very high density of Tiger and of course the thrilling experience of the jungle. With dense forest and tangled vegetation. One can easily feel the tranquility and fascinating experience between the beauty of nature and thrilled wildlife. 

The jungle itself is a abode to the animals of different varieties so if you will be lucky enough it would be a great chance to capture different species. The sound of peacocks inside the jungle mesmerizes you throughout your journey. 

Bandhavgarh national park ranks high in the list of jungle safaris because of the density of tigers and large amount of area covered by the forest. People should definitely try this jungle safari due to its dense forest and numbers of different animal sightings. 


The Bandhavgarh national park is situated in the ‘umaria’ district of madhya pradesh. The national park is spread over an area of 105 square kilometres and is further divided into three main zones that are TALA, MAGDHI AND KHITAULI. among all these TALA is one of the leading and richest of all. There is another region known as the CORE region with the greatest chance of spotting tigers.

The density of forest includes the tropical forest, sal trees and high grassland which is home to a number of bird species and animals. 

Numbers of tourists visit every year for spotting tigers. More than 1 lac visitors gives an impressive impression every year around February to June because this is the real time when forests become greenest and chances become more for sightings tigers. People from every corner of the subcontinent visit here to feel the thrilling experience and connection with dense forest. 

The Bandhavgarh national park, where regions have been divided every single region is unique and different in every aspect. However, people are not allowed to visit there with their own vehicles. Although people will have to book a jeep which is authorized by the madhya pradesh forest department. 

Before planning a trip to bandhavgarh, one should adhere to all the rules and regulations guided by the forest department and be informative before planning a trip. 


If you’re planning to visit there, then it’s very important to gather information about the place and nearby landmarks. Although, the nearest airport is Jabalpur airport for international visitors. The nearest railway station is Umaria railway station. There are direct flights from New Delhi to Jabalpur airport. Bhopal the capital city of Madhya pradesh state, where domestic flights are available from Bhopal airport to Jabalpur airport. 

The distance between the national park and Umaria railway station is about 35 kms. One can easily book a private cab or enjoy a bus ride to bandhavgarh national park. The entire region is rural so, it’s estimated that it will not fulfill your luxurious desires. Although it will definitely give an enchanted and thrilling experience which you have never felt before. 


people are very confused about what will be the right time to visit bandhavgarh? There are a number of questions that arise when you’re planning a trip. Especially when it’s about the jungle, the wilderness and so on. The best time to visit there is February 1st to June 30th. It is this time the jungle actually looks wild and there will be more chances to spot tigers and other animals. After June ends the park has been closed for visitors due to Arrival of the monsoon. After monsoon ends it again opens in a winter season and the opening of tickets session begins by the end of October. 

It is estimated that the session of February to June would be more thrilling because this is the time when tigers and other animals are expected to be spotted with the naked eye. It is this time one can feel the presence of fresh air and naturalist beauty also the scenic beauty of the jungle. You will be amazed by the roaring sound of tigers and leopards. When you start your journey from the very beginning the urge to see a tiger will delight you because the jungle itself is so dense and filled with different and unique animals. 


It is up to you when to begin your journey. Because the safari will be held in two shifts one for the morning and another for the evening. After completing paper works, a safari guide will be provided throughout the journey who will introduce you to detailed analysis of the jungle in an innovative way. The fee for a jungle safari is about 3050/- in a permit. Although, they include only 4 people at a time as per the permit rules. Additionally, the fees may differ according to the zones of the jungle; the core area ranks high in the list and guide charges may be separated from the actual fees. So, it is a high budget ride for a middle class person but worthwhile. 

You can cover this ride in one day but most probably people tend to choose several days to spend more time in the jungle for delight and pleasure. People who love spending time between nature’s beauty and the thrilled wildlife scene, the bandhavgarh national park would be the right place for you. 

People who have already been there have shared their experiences about jungle safari. The animals they encountered and memories they shared with wildlife.

The entire trip is all about feelings, experiences, joyful memories and fearfulness at the same time. 

From the very start monkey’s give an impressive gesture to visitors. Then as the forest becomes dense you will be able to feel the presence of peace and the journey begins. 

The guide will inform you if they feel the presence of tigers nearby. However, the guides are very interesting and intelligent people. Whenever they hear the bustle sound of an animal they will make you aware that the tiger is nearby. 

You know what? If there would be a presence of the tiger. Eventually the entire atmosphere becomes silent and if you will be lucky enough, you will be able to spot that giant tiger. In most cases bandhavgarh national park is the one where you can easily spot one tiger. Apart from this, leopards are the most dangerous 

and most iconic part of the jungle. Throughout the journey you will be amazed by the deers jumping over the grassland. 


  • Bengal tiger 

Bengal tigers are the most famous animals in bandhavgarh national park. National parks are famous for tigers and leopards. Thrill to watching such animals gives you immense pleasure. 

  • Leopards 

leopards sound cute but when you encounter the leopard , you will get goosebumps when you actually see it. 

  • Mammals 

The most common fellow in your entire trip. People love to capture them. From starting to end the only animals who remain follow you. Such as monkey’s. 

  • Reptiles 

Reptiles especially include snakes. Such as kobra,python etc. Unexpectedly people see them while crossing a road or on a tree.

  • Deers 

Numerous species of deers have been found in bandhavgarh national park. They are visible throughout the journey. 

  • Chinkara 

This species of deers are mainly covers most of the jungle area. They are beautiful enough to watch. 

  • Jackal 

The most cunning animal of the jungle. Although being so tiny in size they’re worth watching, sometimes people capture them while live killing. 

  • Indian gaur 

It is worth watching such animals because these animals are only found in dense forest areas. 

  • Nilgai 

The largest Indian antelope are worth watching due to their giant size. 

  • There are a number of rare species of birds, varieties of insects and butterflies that can be seen in the jungle. 


There are a number of hotels and restrooms available for a reasonable amount or rent near the national park. However, resorts and restrooms of bandhavgarh give an impressive view of the jungle. Where one can easily feel the jungle vibes by staying there. The rooms and surroundings of the hotels are designed in a manner to give peace and divine atmosphere as well as environment. The authority also provides the special hotel facilities if you booked the inside hotel room of the bandhavgarh. Yes,you heard it right. Bandhavgarh has its own hotel inside the jungle. Where you can stay there to feel the enchanted experiences of the jungle. 


Yes! It is worth going to take a beautiful journey to Bandhavgarh national park. People not only from India but from different countries visit every year to see the bengal tiger. Indeed it is worth going! 

The speciality about the bandhavgarh is its tiger population, the tiger population has increased in the last two years. The density of the tigers are high, so tiger sightings will never disappoint you in bandhavgarh. 

It is worth to watch such different species of animals and varieties of Birds, insectes, butterflies and reptile families. If you have never visited any national park in your lifetime then it’s worth planning to visit bandhavgarh national park for first time visitors. 

I personally came across people who visited Bandhavgarh last year, and they shared their experiences enthusiastically. However, one of them told me that they visited there with their family including kids. They were so excited to see the tiger so they took a morning safari and while coming back to the hotel they finally saw a tigress named TARA with her cubs. The feeling of joy and excitement of their emotions are beyond something. Because usually you can easily watch tigers in any zoo, but watching tigers and tigress in front of you means that there is no cage and any time anything could happen. That adventurous feeling will remain in your heart and mind till you go back home. 

They have also shared the live killing scene of deer by the tiger. When there is a chance of being killed or attacked by a tiger the entire atmosphere becomes silent. If you are fortunate enough then there might be high chances to see live killing. 

Seeing something rare obviously excites you the most. Bandhavgarh is the abode of the rare bird species. People who visit there have captured that rare beautiful part of the jungle. 


India has rich biodiversity and wildlife Sanctuaries. There are more than 100 national parks available in india. However, a few national parks give you thrilling

and adventurous experiences, and bandhavgarh national park ranks high in the list due to the high number of tiger population and aesthetic views of the jungle. 

One should definitely visit bandhavgarh national park to explore the originality and realistic views of the jungle. As mentioned in the blog, numbers of Indians and foreigners visit every year to explore the hidden adventurous and wildlife sites to watch the great bengal tiger and different animal species. 

If you’re the one who loves spending time within nature then it is worth going on tour and will definitely excite you Because there is no rush of vehicles, the surroundings are clean and the most important thing is the fresh air of nature. It’s worth planning a trip to bandhavgarh national park due to their high density of tigers and other animals. 

One should definitely plan a visit to national parks to feel that thrilling and adventurous experience.

Ayush Verma

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