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Dubai Travel Guide The Las Vegas of the Middle East

Welcome onboard! 

Located in the United Arab Emirates, it is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. This is “Dubai”! 

The world’s tallest building, biggest water park, and deepest swimming pool, Dubai is an ultra-modern city full of all superlatives. In the travel community, Dubai is affectionately referred to as the “Playground of the Rich” and the “Las Vegas of the Middle East” because it offers everything a traveler might want from a vacation spot. One of the city’s philosophies seems to be: “if you don’t have it, build it!” Dubai is an ever-expanding futuristic city that was built up from the barren desert. In this blog I will take you through the endless and extraordinary activities you can do and cherish them for your lifetime. 

One of the United Arab Emirates seven emirates is Dubai (UAE). It is the UAE’s second-largest city after Abu Dhabi, which serves as the nation’s capital. The local language is Arabic. Less than 20% of people in the country are Emirati, with the majority being the ex-pat community from more than 150 different nations. Due to its affiliation with an Islamic country, Dubai’s culture, traditions, and customs are strongly rooted in Islam. It’s a liberal Arabian city that appreciates and (of course)  welcomes diverse foreign cultures and customs fully despite its conservative culture. 

Due to the actual fact that the majority of the town is desert, the summer season in  Dubai lasts from May to October. The greatest time to visit Dubai is during the winter, which lasts from November to April. This point of the year is perfect for seeing the sights, taking ship trips, or having fun at amusement parks thanks to the admirable weather, cold air, and clear skies. 


Starting with the so obvious, the tallest building in the world “The Burj Khalifa”,  believe it or not, it is 829 meters tall. You might be surprised, but apart from holding the world record for being the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa holds 6 other world records. Despite all these awards the construction of the building also received some criticism. Raising concerns about the south Asian migrant workers and their poor working conditions. The most inexpensive way to see the Burj Khalifa is to admire it from the outside. But, for an experience like no 

other, it’s best to go inside. A ticket is required to go up the building. Prices vary depending on the floor you would like to visit. You can travel all the way to the  124th floor of the Burj Khalifa on the world’s fastest glass elevator. Another thing that you can do in the Burj Khalifa, is to enjoy a nice meal in the “atmosphere”, one of the highest restaurants in the world. Located on the 122nd floor, this high-end restaurant and bar provide an exquisite breakfast, lunch, or dining experience. To enhance your experience here, catch clear views of the Dubai fountain show from the observation deck on the 124th floor. 


Then comes the second largest mall in the whole world, and it’s not only a mall but there’s literally an ice rink and an aquarium inside it, along with various other attractions. One of the well-known attractions is the aquarium with the capacity to hold 10 million liters of water, it houses over 140 species of diverse marine animals inside. The real fun comes from getting closer to them. There are 3 ways of doing so. The first is to walk through a 48-meter tunnel, 11 meters under the surface of the water. The second is to jump into the tank and experience the marine environment from a cage. And third and most exciting option is to dive right in and swim with the fishes and sharks. Though it takes huge courage there is nothing to worry about as the sharks are regularly fed and they aren’t used to hunting for their food like those in the ocean. So would you be brave enough to attempt this? 


Take a tour of the Dubai deserts on a safari adventure, one of the most popular things to do, marveling at the beautiful views of the dunes. Must try adventures like camelback riding or sand boarding, quad biking, horse riding, and falcon photography. Enjoy the stunning desert sunset as proceed towards the camp in the evening. Have a fantastic dinner spread to an end with a range of vegetarian, and non-vegetarian Middle East delicacies. Witness a live belly dancing show, a Tanoura dance performance, and a fire show as you relax at the campsite after your desert safari in Dubai. Additional fees apply for other fascinating sights and activities including the Boston Corner Shop’s Special Brand Tea & Coffee, Private Shisha at the Table,  Sand Art Shop, Fresh Juice Shop, and Souvenir Shop. Don’t pass up the chance to experience Henna Art and traditional Dubai attire during this tour. And hence now your day has been made, also don’t forget to take lots of pictures. 


Another cultural attraction is SMCCU, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for cultural understanding. It is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to promote Emirati culture, tradition, customs, and religious awareness. Most of us are familiar with the more modern side of Dubai. But the city still retains its old charm and its historic neighborhoods. This is where you can explore and learn about the real Dubai and  Emirati culture and lifestyle. The Centre for cultural understanding opened in 1998  as a way for visitors to get a better understanding of the culture of the UAE. A host welcomes you to the Centre, where you can sit on the traditional Bedouin-style carpets and pillows. And then invites you to enjoy authentic Emirati refreshments and meals. From here you get to learn about how the local Emiratis eat, sit, live, what their homes look like, and much more. In addition to this, they organize guided heritage tours taking you to several historic and cultural sites. 


As you would know by now, Dubai is known for its extreme experiences. And one of them has to be skydiving. To get your boost of adrenaline, head on over to skydive Dubai. It is one of the top activities here and for many people, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The plane will take you 13000 feet up in the air. From there you will jump out of the sky, Strapped to your instructor, this is called tandem skydiving. Well if you have more experience, and hold a skydiving license, you can jump by yourself. As you and your instructor jump, another professional will jump with you, and they will record your whole experience. As you jump, you will be able to see the palm Jumeirah Island, the Atlantis hotel, and the Burj al Arab,  among other buildings from above. The view of the city from this perspective is unmatched. The free-fall lasts about 1 minute after which the parachute is deployed. Then the descent to the land lasts about 4 to 5 minutes. As intimidating as this experience sounds, it is fairly safe and reliable, and surely worth trying at least once. 


If you aren’t yet satisfied with your dose of thrill-seeking, the edge walk at sky view should do it. This is another extreme activity that will get your heart racing.  There are no obstacles along the walkway leading to Sky Views Dubai, which is literally located at the building’s edge. But not going to lie, this was harder than skydiving. This activity can be done at the 52nd level of the address sky view hotel. Which is roughly 219.5 meters above the ground. In this experience, you are first strapped to a safety harness. Then you get to walk on the ledge surrounding the 

skyscraper. For those more daring you can even lean over the edge, hands-free. It is absolutely terrifying but worth it as you get a clear view of the Dubai downtown area while facing the Burj khalifa. If you are not as brave, you can try the glass slide, or sit down on the glass floors. 


The most unique building in the world is the Museum of the future, the latest attraction in Dubai. The museum of the future imagines a world 50 years into the future. You are transported into the year 2071, where you can encounter a futuristic space station, mind-blowing biotechnology, and more. Then appreciate the architectural expertise of Shaun killa in the outside walls of the museums, carved with lines of Arabic poetry. It is a highly immersive museum, which invokes all your senses, as you pass through 5 different chapters of its storyline. My favorite was the exhibition of different animals and plant species. Remote control lets you see the prediction of whether the species you are looking at might be extinct in the future or not. And definitely don’t skip the rooftop. It has an amazing view. 


The latest attraction in Dubai’s list of adventure activities is the deep dive Dubai. It is a diving pool that opened in July 2021. The building is shaped like an oyster,  which is a reminder of Dubai’s pearl diving days. However, this is no ordinary pool at all. It is a 60 meters pool that the Guinness world records recognize as the deepest swimming pool for diving in the world. The pool holds around 14 million liters of water. And it is as deep as 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Underwater, the pool features the sunken city theme. That is equipped with props at every level. This is what makes the experience even better. As you dive in you can find props like a Mercedes car, a bike, a billiards table, a chessboard, a piano, a football table, and even an apartment with a kitchen and a garage. The pool is also equipped with lighting, sound, and a mood system, ensuring your best time underwater. It feels like zero gravity, being in space like how astronauts move. 


Take a deep breath and enter into a whole new world, after all this is the world’s largest flower garden. It is definitely a visual treat to your eyes with around 109  million flower gardens to witness, where you may take the whole day to admire and perhaps sniff the bubbly scent of the garden. This floral world is spread over an area covering about 72000 sq. ft. which is home to 50 million flowers. You are 

Welcomed by heart-shaped passageways leading you to many attractions like  Disney Avenue, emirates A380, lost paradise, cabanas, floral clocks, gazebos, 3D  floral designs, and lake parks. New concepts and designs are brought to life every year. You can also enjoy plenty of dining options from local to international cuisines. Additionally, there’s a butterfly garden here, wherein you can have a  tough time tracking and spotting 15000 free-flying butterflies. 


Finally, as you can imagine the weather in Dubai can get really hot. An exciting way to stay cool in the heat is to visit the aqua venture waterpark, located beside Atlantis, the palm. This waterpark is also one of the largest and most extreme water parks in the world. Slide through the shark-filled lagoons and zip lines for an exciting adventure. Enter the lost chambers to experience the extinction of aquatic life and its more than 65000 inhabitants. On 700 meters of gorgeous private beach,  take a break from the excitement and unwind. At the largest waterpark in the world, you may enjoy a fun-filled day with over 30 record-breaking slides and attractions. There are 105 slides and attractions across three towers. The slides range from moderate to high thrill levels. Some of the slides are record-breaking. If you are into waterparks, this is a must-visit. This waterpark is free for guests at  Atlantis, the palm. And if you are not staying at the hotel, you can purchase one of the many passes to access this water park. 

Dubai is most likely one of the most luxurious and lavish cities in the entire world. Has everything that one would love to do And hence a perfect holiday destination.  Hope you enjoyed this blog and could feel the vibe of getting into the world of Dubai.

kamini kaurav

Travel Blogger and Author

She is a student pursuing BA honors in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi, Delhi University.

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