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New Zealand Travel Guide: A Travel Journey to Wanaka

Wanaka is a picturesque lakeside town along the rugged South Island, New Zealand. People don’t usually try going out into boonies for a travel trip but personal choices do vary and places like Wanaka could change that opinion of yours if you get to know the better of it. A travel trip might be of countless reasons but the only thing that matters is that you get to forget everything you had to go through before you travel, either be a business meeting you had earlier, a fight you had with you partner or something entirely random, you need to forget all of them on your trip because of the experiences, the stimulation must be strong enough to make you forget everything and just enjoy yourself even more.

I know that hearing Wanaka might place in your mind that it’s some random place out of nowhere that its not entirely necessary to give a look and that was the idea I had before going there but man was I completely wrong, let me explain. Wanaka is a spectacular spot situated along the southern alps and that might excite you if you are adventure seeker and more to come if you are interested in other things too and if you are just as lousy as me don’t worry it surprised me. I’ll go through it in just a line.

That trip started out with almost the most ridiculous deadlines, I really didn’t have a proper plan to view the place and I almost missed my ride there, a perfect way to start a trip, isn’t it? But the very second I entered the Mt Aspiring National Park it changed my entire mood. It was within the close proximity of Wanaka and don’t you dare miss it. I was in awe seeing the blue pools that were fed by the glacier-fed waters, the water itself was as pure as the water I had in my bag at the time and if I wasn’t the cowardly swimmer I’d probably jumped off into the pool to take a dive and if you are a fishing enthusiast don’t forget you gear like me, I’m looking at you fishing-freaks.

The Wanaka Lake is worth watching out for enjoy your time unlike me who completely didn’t bring out the proper dress to enjoy the day, Wanaka, though  having the prefect climate for both the summer lovers and winter embracers is quite unpredictable sometimes so pack for every  weather changes eventuality, and about the lake, even though I was in an uncomfortable attire that view it gave me, you would easily mistake the lake to be a sea if you didn’t  know about it before hand, you could see the beech trees lining the forest and feel the calm breeze hitting your face like a gentle flowing stream of happiness, it’s still incomprehensible about how I had been this all this day living a hustling life in the so called metropolitan city only hearing the honking and raging cab drivers and breathing air that was more polluted than a chain-smoker’s lung. 

Don’t get stuck with just staring at the lake’s beauty and get a quick walk around the lake and if you need to enjoy the full potential try going there between November and March, yet another reason of my regretful plan less plan but thank goodness I had a local suggest me Matukituki valley where you could walk at any time of the year, the locals of Wanaka are the most welcoming and they really are kind to everyone and trust me with how much hospitality they could have so just try socializing with them a bit more during your visit if you plan to do so.

For the people who like to do the summer vibing, you certainly have the jet ski’s for renting around the lake’s coast and my ride was exhilarating, I really thought I would probably throw up going at high speeds but the adrenaline rush and beauty of the lake itself was enough for me to enjoy it they way I’ve never enjoyed it.

One of the most memorable I had while staying in the lake’s resort is that kea had come up to my room’s window trying to get to my sandwich I kept near it, if you don’t know what a kea is, it’s a mountain parrot indigenous to New Zealand’s Alps. The effort it tried to put trying to get through the small gap of the window made me help it but another advice I got with the locals is don’t try to get closer to kea since they could be little too mischievous, I think I talked to more strangers just in this trip than my entire life, continuing I went into the town and got an interesting experience.

You get to have a completely different experience with the people of the town, and a caring Whanui (community ) as the locals call it, I did get a chance to learn a few words from their local dialect and it was interesting how they had words that English never really expressed, they effect of those words were still lingering with me even after the trip that I started to use those words more. The place, as I said is not only for the outdoor enthusiasts but for everyone, you want to go on shopping spree they got it for you. With so many spoilt choices so be careful with you budget if you are bringing someone with you there or even if it was just you. The cafes, galleries, restaurants are the perfect choices to spend your time. I had only a week to be there but it felt way too less and I really had a hard time trying to leave the place, I was on the verge of cancelling my plane tickets but my priorities stopped them. I had to leave something behind, a town that people really need to take a look and appreciate it more. A culture that needed to be understood more and people whose hospitality need more attention.

I got to spend an experience of lifetime and if I get a chance even it meant selling my soul to go there back, I’d definitely choose  it, I guess it sounded a little bit of an exaggeration but it’s worth it. A trip to be carefree and enjoy it is the right sign that make a trip a trip, isn’t it?


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