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Shimla Travel Guide - Destinations, Weather, and How to Reach

 Snow-capped mountains, lush lakes, pleasant greenery and
pleasant climate can all bring you to one place, Shimla. This beautiful city in
Himachal Pradesh called “Queen of Hill Stations” also attracts
foreigners. There are icy mountains here and some are nice green in color
covered with vegetation. It is the first choice to celebrate newly married
couples’ honeymoon in India. The climate here is so exhilarating and magical
that this place takes all your worries away once you get here. Shimla has a
long list of attractive and famous places. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that
Shimla is one of India’s most popular travel destinations. Shimla can be
visited at any time of the year, it is beautiful at any time of the year.

The beauty of Shimla was also famous during the British rule.
It’s beauty also attracted them, and so they declared it the summer capital at
that time. The British lived there, the evidence of this can still be found
today in the great buildings that were built by the British, which is the main
part of tourism today. The city of Shimla was rebuilt in 1972 and made into a

Various Tourist

The Himalayan aviary offers the opportunity to observe various
species of birds, including the state bird “Monal”. The Glen, an
ideal picnic spot, is 2.5 miles from the ridge. It’s a charming place with a
panoramic stream and lots of greenery. Tourists can also picnic in Annandale.
Racing, polo and cricket were played in this open area during British rule. The
historical journey on the toy train was started in 1903 by Lord Curzon. The
trip offers the opportunity to cover a distance of 96 km through beautiful
valleys and mountains.

‘Solan’ Madh Nirman Shala, Darlaghat, Scandal Point, Kamna Devi
Temple, Jakhu Hill and Gorkha Gate are popular tourist attractions of this
place. The Himachal State Museum and Library has micro and miniature pictures,
as well as books on the hills, Mughal paintings, Rajasthani and contemporary paintings.
Various bronze objects, photographs, stamp collections and anthropological
objects can also be seen here. Shimla offers its visitors special shopping
opportunities. Shopping areas such as Malls, Lower Bazaar and Lakkar Bazaar are
famous for their wooden handicrafts and unique souvenirs.

Tourist Activities in

Shimla is famous for having the largest ice rink in India. In
winter the ground is covered with natural snow and this is the time (December
to January) when skating is really fun. Trekking is very popular here too.
Places like Junga, Chail, Churidarhurdar, Shali Peak, Hatu Peak and Kullu are
connected to Shimla in different ways. Trekkers can find easy to moderate treks
like the Ruinsara Tal
which is famous in the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand.
Tourists can explore Naldehra and Salogra by ATV from their destination. Rivers
such as Vyas, Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum offer tourists the opportunity to go

Famous Tourist
Destinations In Shimla

Gurkha Gate

The Gorkha Gate is one of the oldest gates in Shimla. It serves
as the gateway to Viceregal Lodge and is located on Chaura Maidan Road. This
lodge is of historical importance. It served as the residence of the Viceroy of
India during British rule and is now the founding establishment of the Indian
Institute for Advanced Studies. This gate was built to pay homage to the
Gurkhas in honor of the bravery and loyalty of the British Empire. This stone
structure provides an interesting sight for visitors.

The Mall

The mall is a popular shopping area in Shimla. It extends from
the Oberoi Clarke Hotel to Scandal Point. There are numerous restaurants,
banks, clubs and tourist centers in the mall. The historic shops, cafes and
restaurants are the main attractions in the area. When viewed properly, this
area can be called the center of Shimla’s social life. The restaurants here
serve a wide variety of delicious food at reasonable prices.

Gorton Castle

Gorton Castle, established in 1904, represents the Gothic
architectural style. It was founded by a famous British architect, Sir Swinton
Jacob, and served as the British summer capital. The building’s balcony is
decorated with an intricate “Rajasthani lattice”.

This three-story, 125-room palace was used as the civil
secretariat’s office during British rule and is currently the seat of the
general accountant. Sanjauli stone was used in the construction of this
building. Recently the red stone roof was replaced by a galvanized red sheet
metal roof. All around this building are rosewood and Andaman wood blocks.

Summer Hill

Summer Hill is on the Shimla Railway Line at an altitude of
1,283 meters above sea level. Visitors can take a nature walk in the calm atmosphere
of this beautiful place. On this hill are “Manorville Haveli” and
“Himachal Pradesh University”. This place, filled with pine and
deodar trees, offers nature lovers breathtaking landscapes.

Sankat Mochan Temple

The famous Sankat Mochan Temple is located at an altitude of
1975 m above sea level on the Kalka-Shimla highway. The temple is dedicated to
Lord Hanuman and offers fascinating views of the city of Shimla and the mighty
Himalayan mountains.

“Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj” visited the place in
1950 and was fascinated by the tranquility here. In 1966 he laid the foundation
stone for this temple, which was later expanded by the administration. The
temple complex is divided and the statues of Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and Lord
Ganesha are replaced in separate complexes.

The design of the Ganesh Temple reflects the architectural
style of South India. The prasad here is also called “langar” and is given to
the believers every Sunday of the year. The temple also makes it easy to hold
various rituals, including weddings.

Gaiety Cultural Heritage

The Gaiety Cultural Heritage Complex is a Victorian-style
monument designed by Henry Irwin. This cultural complex and the town hall were
built in 1887. The building has been renovated over time without changing the
original design. The art gallery in this complex offers traditional and modern
art. The complex also has a hiking area where various cultural events take
place. There is also an auditorium and an old theater here. Various classical
festivals in the city are held in this old theater.


Manorvilla is a heritage building near the University of
Himachal Pradesh. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and Maulana
Azad stayed in this building during a meeting with Lord Wavell in 1945 to
discuss India’s independence. The room where Mahatma Gandhi lived has been
carefully preserved to this day. The building originally belonged to Princess
Amrit Kaur, India’s first female cabinet member. The building is currently used
as a guest house.


Glen is one of the most attractive picnic spots in town and is
centrally located in Shimla, 4 km from the ridge. The stream “Gurgling
Chadwick”, which drops from a height of 1830 meters, crosses this place.
The place is surrounded by pine and pine trees. There are two different routes
to reach this location, one from the Cecil Hotel and the other from the Kennedy
House. Taxis are available to get to this location from Scandal Point. Tourists
can also reach the destination on foot.

Scandal Point

Scandal Point is at the intersection of the road that leads to
Mall Road and Ridge. Here visitors can enjoy fascinating views of the Church of
Scotland, the old Alpha Restaurant and the valleys. There is a story behind the
unusual name of this place. According to a popular legend, the Raja of Patiala
fell in love with the daughter of the Viceroy of India and kidnapped her while
she was going to this place. Scandal Point is the highest point in the mall.

Shimla Weather

Shimla has a pleasant climate all year round, and therefore you
can visit this place any time of the year but generally, people visit Shimla
during the winter season to experience snowfall that happens here from December
to January.

How to Reach Shimla?

By Air

The nearest airport is “Jubbarhatti Airport”, 25 km
from the city of Shimla. Taxis are available from the airport to the
destination. Foreign tourists can reach Shimla from Indira Gandhi International
Airport in New Delhi, the closest international airport to Shimla. The airport
is well connected with major cities in the country by regular flights.

By Train

There is no railway station in Shimla. A meter-gauge railway
station is located in Shimla. The broad gauge station of Kalka is connected to
this railway station. Regular trains are available from the major cities of the
country to the Kalka railway station. Tourists can also avail taxis from the
station to Shimla.

By Road

Buses to Shimla are also available from nearby cities. Delhi
serves deluxe and non-deluxe buses to reach Shimla. Apart from this, tourists
can also go to Shimla by AC taxis from Delhi.

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