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Wanderlust Through Multiple Eyes

If we talk about Traveling, the first person whose vision of the wored makes us believe past beautiful world and imagine it most gloriously is by Mr Mark Twain,  

Resided by him-“In our day we don’t allow a hundred and thirty years to elapse between glimpses of a  marvel. If somebody should discover a creek in the county next to the one that the North Pole is in,  Europe and America would start fifteen costly expeditions thither; one to explore the creek, and the  other fourteen to hunt for each other.”  

If my mantra for travelling or adventure can be recited in a few lines then it’s,  

“severe beauty is in the countryside, rather than in city life”. 

Maybe it’s because the purity of nature is even true today till its utmost power, real human civilization is  nurtured in such beautiful towns and mysterious rural areas and fun fact if you want to experience the  beauty and culture of any country visit the small towns of the countryside. The most astonishing thing is  that no matter which countryside of the world you visit you will always find the most genuine smiles  ever. They don’t want anything from you, it makes them happy that you visited their hometown the line  “ I hope someday a stranger makes you smile comes true,..”. The hospitality is so homEly, you feel the  warmth in their hospitality, in the food they serve made with so much love, the smiles from the  stranger, the food, and the spiritual relaxation that it provides you.  

The most exuberant thing about going to unknown places is the mystery that keeps you alive everytime  you see a new place it sweeps you out off your feet, and there are always some surprises waiting for us. The world is full of surprises especially when it comes to nature, every time we wander in its direction,  without a prior guess of what it holds for us, we are just following the path full of surprises”. 

Some untouched beauty lies in this world, which keeps us wondering how would it have been before  civilization and before today’s era of pollution and climate change, huge mountains residing of all  different kinds of species, of which today we can’t even think of, big snow mountains, river, lake, oceans  waving to their fullest and fresh air to breath. The climate change of today has vanished most of this gift  by mother earth.  

There are many places in this world which haven’t been named, maybe they have not captured the eyes  of the people yet, and have been glowing in their habitat for so long, but there have been some travellers who have visited these places and have listed their experiences through the blog, videos,  social media, etc. 

There are many places or especially islands where there are not many people allowed, other than their  community, people sometimes question this Isn’t this a free world how can someone stop me from  going somewhere? And it’s true at some point as well, everyone has an equal right in this world and  everyone is allowed to roam and wander to the places they want , but sure it comes with some rules  and regulation for eg: if you want to visit another country you need an visa, so there are some 

complexities when it comes to some places like North sentinel island where they have defended  themselves from the outside world and isolated themselves to gum with other people, the community  has lagged behind in progress according to the standards followed in today’s world, but even tourism is  exempted by their community because they worry about their safety and are warry about the traveller,  we can’t even blame them because theres a reason why they act in such a way, because they were  misused by some people during the war there known to be great at archery so during war they were  used against their own people and were made to kill them so that them and their families will be fed,  even today when someone goes there there were some people during the war who used to ask women  to dance before them and then they will be given food and even today if they want food they dance in  front of tourist keeping the new tourist perplexed, but there are very few people who dare to visit this  place because it has been listed as the most deadliest place in the world. But they are happy in their  habitat they kept themselves closed off from the world. And are keeping their culture growing in their  community.  

The town of simple, had taken me aback, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this place I was  having a tough time and wanted a break it had been a long since I laughed, or smiled I was letting the  days pass by and just not having fun or feeling like living and going to simple was just an excuse from my  current woked life, the day I reached that town it was through a road trip and throughout the road I was  constantly looking out of the window and having a child like thoughts like how it would have been if I  would have been that tree or that grass or that cloud or maybe that bird, but even thought that the  might not know when it’s going to die I didn’t hate the human life, to be honest, it’s the best gift anyone  can experience, but everyone has their downfall in life , but no matter how you convince yourself you  will get through this it won’t it just takes made me realise it later.  

The day i touched my foot on land of simpo something inside made me feel happy and calmed , I looked  around and nothing was exponentially that beautiful but it made me feel beautiful, it made my existence  come alive not for anyone else but for myself, even though I was with my family I was lost with my own  self, the coffee which I used to drink everyday tatsed the best coffee I ever had till date, I felt like dancing on the street, sunrise and sunsets looked more beautiful I walked up a mountain, food tasted  great and mostly importantly strangers made me smile, I don’t know if it was due to change in place or  my routine but it was best place that I had travel and I don’t think it will remain the same next time I  travel again.  

So to end with I would say sometimes taking a break is not something you are taking for granted, you  deserve it there are many treasures in the world which are waiting for you, see them before they vanished.  

“Earth is made full of surprises, open it with your hands and keep it with you preciously”- AP.

Aditi Patil

Author and Travel Blogger

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