What Is Backpacking Travel? What Are the Best Backpacking Apps?

Are you a traveler or want to begin traveling? Are you browsing for a unique and interesting way to travel? Look at this interesting type of traveling and know about how it will work. Backpacking is not a general way of traveling this type is for dedicated hardcore travelers who having experience in traveling. You can try this unique travel type on your next trip. This interesting list of traveling queries will help you to do amazing travel adventure, with lots of fun and it will connect you with groups of fellow backpackers.

I was planning to write about backpacking for a long time and finally, I am writing on this topic. The tips and Information given by Travomania are authenticated by experienced travelers. Travomania Wanderers are sitting together and discuss the particular blog topic and then we write a complete informative blog. Travomania is a group of travelers who experts in traveling, trekking, backpacking, and many more related to travel. Our motive is to give sound information about traveling and related topics to travel. We constantly receive questions related to travel from our followers/subscribers on the social platform.

Today I am going to write answers about some of the questions related to backpacking. Backpacking is one of the biggest topics to write about, but initially, I will try to you glance about what does mean of backpacking? and how to do backpacking? I hope the following information about backpacking will advise you well and you will implement it on your upcoming backpacking trip.


I’d count me as a notably experienced backpacker. Last summer, I spent more than four months on a backpacking trip to various places in India. Before two years I went on my first trekking and backpacking trip in Himachal. I was well prepared for that trip, and I hadn’t really trekked in Himachal before with backpack. I could hardly lift my backpack, it was so heavy, but somehow I did it properly. One of the best things about my first backpacking trip is I met many backpackers we exchange our thoughts on traveling and backpacking. Fortunately, I get a chance to stay with them in one place and I learned from their traveling experiences.

What Is Backpacking?

Backpacking is a type of traveling that refers to travel in a budget-friendly way or most inexpensive traveling way. Mostly popular in youth travelers and solo travelers, usually staying in cheap backpacking hostels, sometimes in camping, and taking all essential assets in a backpack like an aluminum can backpacking stove useful for outdoor cooking, it can be easily portable.

Travel with less money can be more challenging when you travel alone and doing backpacking travel. Backpacking is a popular travel type popular in Europe. Nowadays numerous travelers doing backpacking trips, where traveler packs their backpacks and travel around the world with less money. In my previous blog about solo travel tips, I mentioned that the more we save money more we can travel. On the backpacking trip, we can also do some work to earn some money, that money we can use in the next amazing travel backpacking trip, and we can repeat it.

Suppose you stayed in a place, first of all, you will explore that place, then you did some work over there and earnt a good amount of money, and you spend that money on your next travel adventure trip. How cool is that, It can be any work as work in a honey bee farm. If someone’s interest is in administration work then they can handle work in hostels or hotels. Tattoo artists can make tattoo and earn money from work, this kind of volunteer work gives you the experience you never have done before. If you chose volunteer work in a backpacking hostel there you will save your hostel stay and food expenses. It can be just a small admin work volunteer can do it comfortably.

How Backpacking Works?

Backpacking can be done by finding exciting ways to reduce your travel expenses. This is how backpacking work perfectly, you will explore many places and earn lots of happy travelling memories and experiences. I think that’s why backpacking is so popular travel type in the world because it gives you an amazing budget travel adventure.

How to Book Backpacking Hostels?

There are lots of platforms to book your stay in the backpacking hostels. One of the best app for backpacking is Hostelworld. Nothing comes better than stay in a backpacking hostel, which is a very cost-effective stay option. In the backpacking hostels, you will meet lots of backpackers and travellers you can share your travel experience with them and learn their travel experience. Everyone has a unique and interesting backpacking travel story and we can learn from each other. Maybe you can make a good backpacker’s group and you will travel together.

What Are the Best Backpacking Apps?

1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing has become an even more significant trend in recent years. Essentially, anyone can register their home or hostel as a place where travellers can stay for the night. Couchsurfing has been set up exactly for this goal, and most helpful of all is that it is free to both parties involved. While you may luck out and get a free meal from this stay, thus saving you even more money, the best part about Couchsurfing is the opportunity to reach new people as you travel the world.

Download: iOS or Android

2. Hostelworld

Hostelworld is an app from the website. Hostelworld is the best app for backpacking hostels. Here you will find the cheapest and amazing hostels in the world. You can prebook your stay online in the hostel by spending a small amount of money. You can also read the hostel reviews written by fellow travellers, must read before booking.

Download: iOS or Android

3. Tripoto

Tripoto is an app from the website. Tripoto is the largest travel community in the world. You just need to register your account and make an interesting profile and post your travel pictures or write your travel story and you will earn some credits. The collected credits you can use to get paid on your next adventure trip. Also, you can participate in their ongoing contest to earn more credits and giveaways. Till now, I earned a Trekking expedition in Himachal Pradesh was completely free and I earned some free stays in the backpacking hostels.

Download: iOS or Android

4. Trabee Pocket

Travel Pocket is an app that helps you to keep track of your travel expenses in very easy and simple ways. Just need to add your travel budget and just select a topic where you spend money and how much you spend, thus Trabee Pocket shows you how much travel budget is available and how much money you spent on travelling.

Download: iOS or Android

5. Workaway

Workaway is the most excellent way to give a purpose to your travels. Utilize the travel app Workaway to unite with local hosts, meet like-minded travellers along the way, and discover a perfect travel buddy to plan your further adventure trips with. Be a part of a freakish backpacker’s travel community and exchange wondrous stories and thoughts!

You can do any interesting work like a yoga instructor, trek representative, run a backpacker’s hostel, cafe management work, gardening, cooking, and shopping-related work, art project like mural paintings/graffiti art, cheesemaking, etc. This is the fastest way to earn money on your backpacking trip.

Download: iOS or Android

I will give you all details about more interesting travel apps, how it will work for you, and how to use it? I will come up with detailed information on this topic on my next travel blog.

How to Pack a Backpacking Pack?

Check out my latest blog on how to pack your backpack. It includes all hacks and tips about backpack packing.

Why Backpacking Is Good for You?

Travelling is discovering new places, and you discover yourself in your travel journey, you will try to do different things in travelling. Some awesome people host you in their place you share your travel stories with them. Learn travel stories from your host, you can also learn travel stories from travellers you meet. In the backpacking trip, you just need to challenge yourself to stick on budget and you will achieve it. Your dreams about travelling can become true by following simple backpacking tips. If you want to learn new things you must travel and meet people. You can make new friends on your backpacking trip. I do travelling to be happy and I like to know what people make happy.

What Makes You Happy? 🙂

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