Bhitarakanika forest which is unofficially called as ‘India’s own mini Amazon’ spreading over a vast area of 672sq km is the second largest mangrove forest after the well-known sundarban, famous for the Royal Bengal tigers. This place is situated in the estuarine region of Bramhani-Baitarani rivers in the Northeastern part of kendrapada District of Odisha with Bay of Bengal lying in the east. In 1988, the core area of Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary has been notified as Bhitarkanika National Park covering an area of 145sq km, which in 2002 became the part of Ramsar site. The main attraction of this national Park of Odisha is the giant salt water crocodile also called as estuarine crocodile which could be up to 22 feet. This place houses approximately 215 species of birds including 8 species of kingfishers along with migratory birds from central-Asia and Europe. Apart from this you can spot a lot other fauna species like spotted deer, water monitor lizards , leopard cats etc. in this area. This place, which was once known as the hunting ground for the king of Kanika could be the best place to visit for wildlife and nature lovers. Timing and fees:- Discussing about the timing […]