Explore the Most Beautiful Hill Station in Karnataka – Coorg

Explore the Most Beautiful Hill Station in Karnataka - Coorg

It is well said that “ The world is a book and the people who don’t travel read only one page”.  Travelling is my hobby and being a nature lover, I must say that nothing can beat the magnificence of the beautiful cities and hill stations of Karnataka. Karnataka, which is also considered one of the most beautiful States in India is much more beautiful than what we hear about it from others. The land of beautiful cities, waterfalls, magnificent monuments, breathtaking hill stations, and a lot more, you will find there. 

In between these beautiful places, there is Coorg, a beautiful district in which I headed recently. Coorg, which is popular by many names such as “Kashmir of Karnataka”, “Switzerland of India” and many more, is a district located in the Malnad region of Karnataka. The district is also known as Kodagu district and it’s headquarters are in Madikeri. Without any doubt, this was one of the best trips I ever went on. With its beautiful sceneries, vibrant Flora and Fauna, coffee plantations, and breathtaking views, beautiful waterfalls, and many more, Coorg is a beautiful place that one should definitely visit once in their life. 

I went to Coorg recently in July which is also considered the best time to visit Coorg. Yes, the months of June and July are considered to be the best time to visit this gorgeous place. As the weather was perfect with comfortably warm days and pleasant nights. Monsoons are no wonder the best time to visit this location as the waterfalls here look magnificent. The coffee plantations were the best things there where one can enjoy nature along with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Far away from the city life, the greenery of the place is worth visiting once. You can release all your anxiety and stress amidst the beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. 

My three days trip to the beautiful district Coorg in Karnataka was the most beautiful stress buster for me. This travel blog is about that trip of my life which I can never forget as it helped me to forget about everything else and get lost in those beautiful hills and waterfalls of Coorg. Away from all the hectic life of the City, I spent my first day in Coorg in between lovely coffee plantations and the farmhouse of Kushi. Kushi Homestay was the first place where I visited and it was the best decision. The gorgeous coffee plantations and farmhouse of Kushi were worth visiting. The homestay was amazing and the engrossing talks about the place were a good way to know more about the amazing place. 

I spent my afternoon knowing more and more about the coffee plantations and feeding the ducks and cows which were domesticated there by her. Any person will get amazed after knowing a lot about the way coffee beans are planted and the processes. The hospitality and loving nature of the place owners were very comforting and adorable.

After spending my afternoon in the coffee plantations, I went towards the famous Abbey falls. Abbey falls are considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Coorg district without any doubt. As we reached the falls, light showers of rain made our journey even more lovely and memorable. Listening to the rhythm of falling rain along with light music and glorious scenery can be the best therapy for anyone.

Abbey falls were about six Kilometers away from the coffee plantations which took fifteen minutes of ours to reach there via road. After reaching the location with the help of a taxi, we needed to reach the bottom of the falls by our feet. There were stairs to help the tourists to reach the bottom area of the waterfalls. During monsoons, one needs to take care of the slippery steps and small insects while going downside. The breathtaking scenery of the waterfall along with the mixed aroma of coffee plantations, rain, and spices was enough to help me get lost in that beautiful place. 

The sound of the water gushing towards the river from the cliff of the height of seventy feet can clear all your mind and heart. I will consider it the best therapy which can help you to release all your tension and thoughts of the outer world from your mind. The visit to such a place is worth it. Whether you are a nature lover or not, visiting this beautiful waterfall will definitely make you one!

I spent a couple of hours there which was amazing and worth it. The peaceful sound of rain and the waterfall, the lovely aroma of the coffee and spices, and the breathtaking scenery of the place, all of it made my journey unforgettable in my life. And that’s how I spent my first day in the beautiful district of Coorg. To spend the night I went to the Creekside Cabin round nine kilometers away from Abbey falls. It took me half an hour to reach the hotel via road. As it was already dark at the time when I reached the hotel, I had my dinner there and went to sleep.

The next day started with the beautiful scenery which I was able to take a glimpse of from the window of my room. Watching the Sunrise through the window of my hotel was indeed the best part of staying at the hotel. The warm rays of sun-washed my body through the window and it filled my mind with positivity and happiness. The next best thing was the breakfast there which was free of cost and tasty as well. As we need to fill our stomachs first to live a full life. Nothing can be better than waking up amidst beautiful mountains with beautiful weather. Visiting the location in July was indeed the best decision of mine as the monsoons made my journey even more pleasant and unforgettable. Warm rays of sun alongwith cold winds and striking aroma of the coffee plantations made my day.

The hotel was beautiful and had amazing scenery as well. It was pleasant to take a morning walk around the hotel along with the lovely weather. After breakfast, I headed toward my next destination which was Raja’s seat. It was around seven kilometers away from my hotel and it took me around 17-18 minutes to reach there via road. Raja’s seat is a great tourist attraction in Coorg and you will find a lot of tourists and travelers roaming there. It is a beautiful and glamorous place where youa  will find glorious scenery and a lot of artificial fountains. This garden is a good place to go with your family and friends if you want to just relax and spend your time peacefully. You can take a glimpse of the the elegant sight of the hills from the garden and enjoy the beauty of lovely flowers in the garden. After spending two-After three hours in the garden, I ate my lunch at around 1 Pm and headed toward my next destination which was Madikeri Fort. It was around one Kilometer away from my destination so I rather decided to reach there by walk. It was a great idea as while walking I explored other things and enjoyed the journey with roasted corn. 

Madikeri fort is a beautiful monument that was built by Mudduraja in the seventeenth century. It is sometimes also known as Mercara Fort. The monument was again renovated by Tipu Sultan later on. The fort is gorgeous and the scenery around it with the lovely weather makes the sight even more mesmerizing and peaceful. Every place in Coorg is just so beautiful even the roads and hotels too. Visiting the stunning Madikeri fort was worth it because of the museum and as I got a lot of beautiful pictures around the fort. The main building which is the fort was under renovation due to which the tourists were not allowed to enter. Hence, after exploring the surrounding areas and clicking some beautiful pictures, I headed outside to eat some snacks and go back to my hotel.

Before going back to my hotel, I decided to visit the famous Omkareshwar temple which was very close to the Madikeri fort. After walking a distance of 850 meters in around five minutes, I reached there. The temple was magnificent and its architecture can attract any tourist who may or may not be a devotee. This glorious temple was constructed in 1820 by King Lingarajendra II.  The temple’s architecture is unique and magnificent and one along with taking blessings from Lord Shiva can explore the beauty of this monument too.

After taking blessings from Lord Shiva in the temple and analyzing the Temple’s architecture, I headed back to my hotel in a taxi. The ride with amazing views from the window was worth it as I enjoyed every moment of mine there. The lovely hills of Coorg, the breathtaking views and scenery, the magnificent aroma of coffee plantations and spices, everything was just perfect at that very moment.

The next and the last day as well, of mine in Coorg, was pretty adventurous. As I went to the Coorg Adventure Club which was around ten Kilometers away from my hotel. I reached there through a taxi early in the morning at around 9 Pm. And it was the best decision of mine. I spent my entire day in the Adventure Club and enjoyed the various activities. The first activity I did there was the Electric Bike tours provided by them. It was of around three to four hours and was worth cycling. I joined a small group and explored the countryside which includes the coffee plantations and other beautiful places with an electric bike. The ride was the best part of my trip and I loved it so much. 

The next part of my day was spent doing the High ropes course in Madikeri. Being an adventure lover, I was awestruck by the beauty of the place and the high ropes course of the adventure club. I did a lot of activities with the help of the high ropes along the tree line.

The high ropes adventure included six various rope hurdle courses which were set up amazingly on the tree tops. The six activities included a Wobbling bridge, a Twin Cable, a Pole Walk, a Giant Hammock, and a Tyre Bridge, two Zip lines covering around a thoand feet flying high and overlooking the cliff range. The two-hour rope adventures were amazing and gave me an unforgettable experience throughout my life. Room facilities were available as well there, hence I decided to spend my night there amidst the beautiful scenery of hills and greenery. Having a cup of tea when it’s raining outside and the stunning hills and the scenery is everything you need to calm your mind. 

The rest of the evening, I spent my time with my sketchbook. The beautiful scenery was all I needed to fill my sketchbook and enjoy to the fullest and live every moment there. In between, the trip whenever I got time, I sketched the beautiful places I went to. It was a great way to remember the beautiful place and keep a part of that place with me. A part of that mesmerizing beauty and a part of those magnificent hills.

My three days trip to Coorg was among the best trips of my life. The gorgeous sceneries, the nature, beautiful flowers, and trees everything was just perfect and pleasant. Coorg is a beautiful place and a must-visit place for everyone. As it is well said, “Nature is the purest portal to inner-peace”. It is completely true as I lived the quotation in the beautiful hill station of Coorg. 

And this is how I spent my three days and four nights in the most beautiful hill station of Karnataka, Coorg. And I will definitely refer everyone to visit the place once in their life, away from all the problems in their life, for sure.

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