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How to Start Solo Traveling? and Why?

Have you ever noticed that why people love traveling? what they achieve by doing the traveling. Some travelers are riding on the highest motorable pass in the world in extremely cold weather, a trekker trying to chase the peak of the mighty mountain, the youngest traveler is spending more one year to travel the world. What inspired them to do this? why they do this? if you don’t know the answer then you and I are the same. But I got an answer after I did my first solo trip and I realized why I must start solo traveling. Now no one can hold me back or stop me from traveling.

Why Solo Traveling Is Important?

Solo traveling makes me self sufficient, real survival, responsible, and confident person. When you traveling alone sometime you can go through difficulties, and whenever you leaned to fight with these problems you become more confident. In our life, we go through lots of stresses and issues sometimes you feel low or in depression. Apart from that solo traveling experience makes you sound and fearless. The result is whenever you face any big issue in your life you can adopt the situation easily. You become a person who believes in problem-solving rather than arguing, its because you already have gone through the toughest situation than this. Once a trekker reaches the toughest peak, his confidence level boost to a high level because he did it well.

I started solo traveling before four years it was a solo travel trip to Goa. Before that trip, my daily routine was like a robot. I never spent time with myself. That time I chose solo traveling because I was bored with my routine and I wanted to break that routine. Solo trip Goa taught me the importance of solo traveling. I spent plenty of time with me, explored fascinating nature, met new people had a good conversation with them. Stayed away from social media and gadgets it was my time and I filled it well. One day I realized that I am really thankful for this life and I am blessed to here. There are so many beautiful places in the world I want to explore these places but first of all, I want to travel to all parts of India. I want to know their various culture in India and I want to try various cuisine in various regions, I want to meet people. Sometimes you meet good people sometimes you meet bad people but no worries.

Thoughts on Traveling Solo

I met lots of people on my solo travel trips. Everyone has a unique goal for traveling solo. For example a guy started solo traveling because he wants to write about his travel experiences, he wants to learn from nature. A runner who runs fastly on mountains and he wants to become the fastest mountain runner. A young businessman who started solo traveling because he wants to search for something unique and exciting business ideas. A biking enthusiast who wants to travel India on his bike. A music composer wants some peaceful environment and he travels to inspire himself and make some awesome melodies. One of my friend he likes to stay in haunted places this is exceptional. Especially I met a women solo traveler whose age is 60+. She is a housewife she spent most of the time caring for her home and her sons and now she wants to spend time with herself and explore many traveling places.

The aim for solo traveling can be anything but you will achieve it for sure. If you don’t know why you should travel don’t worry go pack your backpack go explore new places, do some awesome mountain treks, do some adventure activities like Bungee Jumping with complete safety. Do whatever you want to do in case something wrong happens you will learn a lesson from a mistake if something you achieve then your confidence will be increased to a high level. Whenever you start solo traveling you will start loving yourself and realize that your biggest competitor is only you. You will stop chasing people, you will begin improving yourself. And traveling alone is the best way to know yourself deeply. You will get your answer on why solo travel is important to you.

How to Get Permission from Your Parents to Do Solo Traveling?

If you traveling alone for the first time you need to convince your parents to allow you for doing solo travel. To convince your parents that you want to do traveling solo is the most difficult part. Our parents are very caring, soft-hearted, and sensitive to us. To get permission you must show them all bookings and explain your trip plan. Show them reviews of fellow travelers, you can also show them some examples of traveler’s story. They will support you for sure.

Where to Start Solo Traveling in India?

There are several best places to travel alone in India like Udaipur, Shimla, Manali, Leh-Srinagar Highway, Rishikesh, Tawang Monastery, Khajuraho, GoaMumbaiAlleppey, Kutch, Gangtok, Kolkata, Hampi. Choose an amazing destination for solo traveling, do a detailed study about the travel destination, read travel reviews of fellow travelers before any booking.

What Is Backpacking?

Backpacking is a kind of budget-friendly travel, solo travel, usually staying in cheap hostels, lodges or camping tent and carrying all basic assets in a backpack.

Solo Traveling Tips

Before you start traveling solo do follow following crucial tips for backpacking solo trip,

# Pack Your Backpack Properly

Follow creative bag packing techniques to pack your backpack. Distribute all things in separate pouches. In the first pouch add your daily use cloths. Add toiletries in the second pouch. If you carried warm clothes or any necessary cloths add it in the third pouch. And other stuff you can add on the top portion or side pocket of the backpack.

# Stay in Backpacker’s Hostel

The hostel is a kind of convenient way to stay for solo travelers. In the hostels there are dorm system beds and its very cost-effective stay. The best platform to book your stay in the hostel is Hostelworld I must suggest this app. If you want to save more money in a hostel stay then you can stay in the common room of the hostel. But you need to ask the hostel owner first.

# Don’t Spend Too Much Money on Travel

Budget traveling is always better because you can save your money by the following backpacking tips. The more money you save more you will travel. Try to overcome unnecessary expenses to save the travel budget.

# Make a Travel Budget

To control on spending is the key to backpacking travel. Make a budget for everyday spending. Try to spend like 500 per day or 1000rs per day. Don’t exceed that limit.

# Explore Places by Walking If Possible

Once you went out for exploring places, do a study about the distance to reach that place. If the distance is can walkable. Then prefer to walk it will reduce your money in transportation and you will explore so many unknown places.

# Try to Eat Local Cuisine, Local Specialty or Fruits

Sometimes we spend lots of money on unnecessary things. Avoid eating food at expensive restaurants, instead of that you can prefer to eat local cuisine or local fruits. Basically in the hostel, they provide kitchen access where you can cook your food or you can carry food with you. Hence you will reduce expenses. Some backpackers are carrying their own stove and coffee maker machine. So there you can save your travel budget.

# Use Local Transport to Travel

Local transport is a very inexpensive option to explore. Never book a luxurious bus or cab to travel it take too much money. Local buses or local auto-rickshaw are convenient to travel in India. If possible you can hire a rental moped bike which is the best option to explore. You can cover so many places by choosing a rental moped option. By using local transport you not only save the travel budget but also save fuel.

# Don’t Carry Too Many Things in Your Backpack

Traveling with a fully loaded backpack can feel you tiring and you can’t enjoy the trip properly. It’s better to carry essential stuff only while traveling.

# Download Offline Map Before You Start Traveling

Suppose you stuck in the place where no Human Settlement around you. And you forgot the route then, what will you do? There is no mobile network no internet nothing. In this case, the offline map is playing a very important role to guide you.

# Don’t Carry Too Much Cash

I am sharing one of the incidents of my friend, he is from Europe. The incident is he went to a public washroom and unfortunately he forgot to take back his side bag. He lost a huge amount of money and his passport and other important documents with this bag. To avoid risk don’t carry too much cash with you and take care of your personnel stuff.

I Hope This Solo Travel and Backpacking Tips Will Help You in Your Upcoming Solo Trip.

Amol Sonawane

Solo Traveler | Backpacker | Digital Marketer

Who loves to travel to amazing places and explore the diverse cultures around the world.

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