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Solo Travel Trip Experience to Goa and Became a Solo Traveler

Goa is a land of beaches, nightlife, architecture, and seafood, and all served up with the warm welcome and charm of the locals. That’s why goa is in the top holiday destinations in India. I feel goa is a dreamland of every Indian. If you are wondering about a stunning road trip in India, then Goa should be on your top of the list.

My solo road trip in Goa took me from the multiple of adventure and happiness, and this is the reason I started solo traveling, here are details about how was my solo trip in Goa.

Why I Chose Goa for My First Solo Trip?

It’s been three years now I traveled to Goa. I want me to go somewhere with the solitude, which will heal me, and nothing comes better than stay away for some days from your daily routine. It was a Christmas time, and I was so happy because I got some holidays. I was wondering for travel alone and enjoy my vacation with me in a solitude. It can be a beach or a mountain vacation trip. Whatever it is I just want to take my self and going on holiday alone.

I started searching for details about the top 10 solo travel destinations in India. And here is the list I found of the top ten places for the solo travelers – 1. Hampi (Karnataka), 2. Kasol (Himachal Pradesh), 3. Gangtok (Sikkim) 4. Mcleodganj (Himachal Pradesh), 5. Manali (Himachal Pradesh), 6. Pondicherry (Puducherry union territory) 7. Spiti Valley (Himachal Pradesh), 8. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), 9. Kolkata (West Bengal), 10. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh).

I selected Goa because its a paradise for the beach vacation gives amazing tropical vibes.

I checked many solo traveling blogging sites, companies who arrange single person holidays their itineraries, and tour groups for solo travelers. After some time, I thought that let’s do something unique and exciting, which I never tried before. As usual, every group of friends doing plans to go Goa with friends. 

Also, we did the same travel plans lots of time, but unfortunately, that won’t happen yet. Apart from that, I like to travel, meet new people, explore new places, eat different cuisine, know about the various cultures and art. And Goa is just what I am looking for.

How I Reached Goa?

In just one hour, I fixed all bookings and all, and the next day, I started my journey towards Goa. My trip was from Dhule to Mumbai, Mumbai to Thivim by train. I set up with a backpack and started traveling. I reached Mumbai by 10 PM, and Mumbai to Thivim train was at 11:30 PM. In the meantime, I explored CST building, which is one of the best architectural structures in India. 

The most exciting thing was the journey between Mumbai to Goa by train because it goes from Konkan, and I enjoyed its scenery in the morning. I reached Thivim at 11 O’ clock.

Day 1: Unexpected happiness and Unexpected adventure

I reached the Thivim station, and I preferred to use local transport to communicate the hotel. After one hour of the journey, I arrived at the hotel Mayem Lake View. This hotel is beside a beautiful lake called Mayem Lake. There are all separate cottages with a fantastic lake view. Its day 1 in Goa and I started exploring the places nearby the hotel. Someone told me that every December in Goa, there are lots of Migrated birds are visiting the site Mayem Lake.

I enjoyed the bird watching from my room’s balcony, there are lots of birds, and this experience was excellent. And the hotel is the incredibly peaceful and right place for meditation. This place gave me unexpected happiness, and I completely engaged with nature.

In the evening, I went to Old Goa to rent a bike, and somehow I fixed bike issues, and finally, I got a bike on 10 or 11 PM, I guess. It was a new place for me, unaware of the routes, the mobile network was down, so I can’t use the Google Map. I wanted to go to return to my hotel. Thankfully I met a guy in Old Goa, and he told me the route for Mayem Lake, he said follow me I will show you a shortcut. We crossed three ferryboats after that he said to go straight for 5 KM you will reach to Mayem lake. 

I was riding a bike from the empty road, from the Forrest area, from mountains area cant tell you how scary it was. During the journey, there are two routes, and I confused about where to go now, I stopped there in 5 to 10 minutes and thankfully one bike passed from that route they came back to me and asked me what happened and believe me a foreigner show me the right direction in India. That’s pretty good.

Finally, I reached the hotel. Seriously I realized that day about what is solo traveling, and I did it. Crossing the backwater with the help of ferry boat at night, riding the bike at high speed, riding the moped bike from empty roads, and from dense forest, unknown places were one of the best and unexpected adventures which I will never forget. 

Once I reached the hotel, there was a party going on. It was an old Bollywood themed party, and it was like a treat for me. I enjoyed the live music, amazing Goan food, beers, and magnificent lake view from the Mayem Lake View Hotel.

Day 2: Moped Ride, beached, Shack Restaurant, and Goan Food.

I woke up had tea in the balcony, where birds are chirping, and greenery was overwhelming. I created a full day plan to explore Calangute beach, Baga beach, and Anjuna beach. I started the day two journey at 9 o’clock, and I chose Ferry boat again, the route was Mayem Lake to Panaji, where you need to cross one ferry boat and Panaji to Mapusa (Approx 15 KM) via NH66. I enjoyed the moped riding very much. 

These beaches were a bit crowded, but I had seafood with a beer next to the sea in a shack restaurant was terrific. I spent some time with me and met some new traveler friends.

Day 3: Adventure, Incredible sunset and lots of beers

On day 3, I traveled around 150 KM. I prepared a plan to visit Mudgaon, Colva beach. Mudgaon was 70 KM away from the Mayem Lake view. The roads in the goa and scenery were perfect. I reached to Colva Beach in two hours by riding a moped bike. Once I entered in Colva Beach, I mesmerized to admiring the beauty of the Colva beach. 

It’s less crowded, clean. Colva beach is known for the white sand beach, which looks so beautiful. I completely get lost in terms of appreciating his beauty and shades of green, blue, white sand, and the lovely vibe.

I find jetski over there. I did ride it in 600rs. Jet Ski ride is one of the thrilling journeys, and I experienced it. Riding on the sea was the best experience. After the Jet Ski, I headed forward to another adventurous sport and decided to do Parasailing, and its cost was 1300rs per person. 

Parasailing is the adventure that feels you that you are the King of this world, and suddenly, they drop into the deepsea. After that, I supposed to visit Cabo De Rama Fort, but I skipped it because I want to see the sunset from Colva beach. I watched the sun till setting down and had some beer with prawns and came back to the hotel at night. This day was such a satisfying and fulfilling my heart.

Why must you visit Colva Beach?

Colva beach is not a crowded beach, but it is such a beautiful beach with white sand. There are some best beachside restaurants, beachside palm trees, some water sports, and the beauty of nature.

Day 4: Unexpected end of the journey

The next day morning, I woke up with the surprise, and I was mesmerized to see the heavenly switch of fog and the bits of singing birds. Later after having morning tea and breakfast in the hotel, I must go towards the Day 4 Journey.

Day 4, It was the last day of Goa Diaries 2016 and also the last day of the year. I started the 4th-day journey with the Old Goa Church. Explored and learned about the architecture of Old Goa Church. There are lots of churches in Goa. I will do it to visit it soon. After that Old Goa Church, I headed forward to Panaji city and did some shopping and explored Goan local market. 

Again after shopping, I started riding towards the last spot of the journey was the Chapora Fort.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort is situated in the Bardez and known for its famous Indian travel movie scene in “Dil Chahta Hai.” If you are on Vagator beach must come to Chapora fort and enjoy the scenic view and the sunset. Sunset from Chapora fort was one of the Best Sunset I ever have seen before. Chapora fort is one of the best places in Goa to explore.

At the end of the day and this incredible solo traveling journey, I made a mistake, and cops catch me. By mistakenly, I ride the bike from no entry because I didn’t see that no entry signboard. I faced that unexpected interrogation for a long time and paid fine. Lol…! 

But yes, traveling is something which teaches you a lesson that you will never forget in life. So, this is how my first solo traveling journey and experience with lots of happiness and adventure.

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